Bedroom Lamps

Bedroom Lamps

Create the right atmosphere with lighting

Like other rooms in your home, your bedroom also requires specific lighting.

Too much or too little light can disturb your night’s sleep or make it difficult to relax with a good book or choose your clothes in the wardrobe.

Do your children do their homework in their rooms? Properly illuminating the desk is important: choose the most suitable table lamp, like the Pedrali Colette Table Lamp.

In our MobilClick store you’ll find all the finest lamps to finest illuminate your bedroom: from bedside to hanging lamps. 

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  1. L001T/B Floor Lamp
    L001T/B Floor Lamp
    As low as €934.50
  2. L001T/BA Floor Lamp
    L001T/BA Floor Lamp
    As low as €989.50
  3. L001ST/BA Floor Lamp
    L001ST/BA Floor Lamp
    As low as €442.50
  4. L001TA/AA Table Lamp
    L001TA/AA Table Lamp
    As low as €321.00
  5. L001TA/A Table Lamp
    L001TA/A Table Lamp
    As low as €282.00
  6. L002ST/BA Floor Lamp
    L002ST/BA Floor Lamp
    As low as €442.50
  7. Colette Table Lamp
    Colette Table Lamp
    As low as €88.50
  8. Domitalia Urban-Lg Floor Lamp
    Domitalia Urban-Lg Floor Lamp
    As low as €973.56
  9. CM/LAN Cemento/Laccato Antracite Opaco;Nero
    Domitalia Urban-Ls Floor Lamp
    As low as €766.16
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