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GIFT CARD allows you to make purchases only on the site - below the “Site” - according to the following terms and conditions.

GIFT CARD has no activation cost.

GIFT CARD is in bearer form and can be used by anyone present to purchase items at the site

GIFT CARD allows its holder to purchase, in a single solution, all items for sale at the site .

If the initial value of the GIFT CARD are insufficient to purchase the desired items, the missing amount must be paid in cash or using other payment methods accepted by Mobilclick

GIFT CARD is valid for 24 months from invoice date of the same

GIFT CARD is not rechargeable.

After the expiration date of the GIFT CARD value will not be refunded.

The responsibility for the use and safekeeping of the GIFT CARD is the sole responsibility of the owner. Mobilclick can not be held liable for any unauthorized use, loss, theft or damage.

The use of the GIFT CARD constitutes acceptance of these general conditions of use.

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