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Malmö 396 Armchair Chairs, Armchairs, Stools and Benches PE-396 0

Malmö 396 Armchair


Malmö armchair have ash timber frame and born from an imaginary journey along the sides of a Scandinavian lake.
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Total: €561.00

  • Ash Light Grey
  • Black Ash
  • Bleached Ash

  • Fireproof Imitation Leather H20
  • Fireproof Imitation Leather H26
  • Fireproof Imitation Leather H27
  • Fireproof Imitation Leather H29
  • Fireproof Imitation Leather H34
  • Fireproof Imitation Leather H35
  • Fireproof Wool G21
  • Fireproof Wool G22
  • Fireproof Wool G23
  • Fireproof Wool G24
  • Fireproof Wool G25
  • Mid Grain Leather PBE
  • Mid Grain Leather PBI
  • Mid Grain Leather PGA
  • Mid Grain Leather PGC
  • Mid Grain Leather PGR
  • Mid Grain Leather PMA
  • Mid Grain Leather PNE
  • Mid Grain Leather PRO
  • Mid Grain Leather PSA
  • Mid Grain Leather PTA
  • Fireproof Fabric G01
  • Fireproof Fabric G04
  • Fireproof Fabric G06
  • Fireproof Fabric G07
  • Tessuto Ignifugo G08
  • Fireproof Fabric G09
  • Fireproof Fabric G10
  • Fireproof Fabric G59
  • Fireproof Fabric G60
  • Fireproof Fabric G61
  • Fireproof Fabric G62
  • Fireproof Fabric G63
  • Fireproof Fabric G64
  • Fireproof Fabric G65
  • Fireproof Fabric G66
  • Fireproof Fabric G67
  • Fireproof Fabric G68
  • Fireproof Fabric G69
  • Fireproof Fabric G70
  • Fireproof Fabric G71
  • Fireproof Fabric G72
  • Fireproof Fabric G73
  • Fireproof Fabric G74
  • Fireproof Fabric G75
  • Fireproof Fabric H60
  • Fireproof Fabric H61
  • Fireproof Fabric H62
  • Fireproof Fabric H63
  • Velvet H40
  • Velvet H41
  • Velvet H42
  • Velvet H43
  • Velvet H44
  • Velvet H45
  • Velvet H46
  • Velvet H47
  • Velvet H48
  • Velvet H49
  • Velvet H50
  • Velvet H51
  • Velvet H52
  • Velvet H53

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Pedrali Malmö 396 armchair was born from an imaginary journey along the sides of a Scandinavian lake. It recalls the experience of a come back home with the cosiness of wood warming up the environment.

Pedrali Malmö 396 armchair have ash timber frame, available in bleached ash or black ash. Plywood shell upholstered with fabric, available in colors as options.

Due to its characteristic of being a comfortable armchair is researched not only for the home environment but also for the short, the armchair for bars and restaurants!

Design: Michele Cazzaniga - Simone Mandelli - Antonio Pagliarulo


Dimensions L 58 x P 50 x H seat 46,5 x H backrest 78,5 H armrests 64 cm
Weight 6,8 kg
Packing volume 0,29 mc
Packages 1
Delivery time 20 working days + shipping (2-7 days)
Assembly Absent

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