Health and Beauty

Health and Beauty
The "Ambra" cosmetic line is based on products based on snail slime + hyaluronic acid. The products are all designed for the face and perform an excellent anti-aging job. The ingredients that compose them are all natural and of the highest quality. The revolutionary novelty of this line is that it has been designed as a real "skin care" which means that it is a real complete treatment for the face as the ingredients formulated for each product are not in themselves, but create a trait d'union with each other ensuring excellent results. In addition to the anti-aging substances par excellence contained in a completely natural way within the snail slime such as for example Elastin, Collagen, Glycolic Acid, vitamins, Peptides and Proteins, the same substances have been enhanced in the formulation. Our products are also highly suitable for the treatment of multiple skin imperfections (beyond the anti-age discourse) as the burr is renowned as an efficient ally to treat: spots, scars, stretch marks, ACNE (thanks to the presence of a natural antibiotic), burns and much more. Due to the multiple properties of slime, our products embrace all age groups starting from the very young up to mature skin.
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